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Anonymous Copenhagen


The designer behind the brand AA Copenhagen prefers to stay anonymous. AA stands for Anonymous Anonymous, and indicates an anonymous first and lastname.

The headoffice and design department is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish design is known for his simplicity and functionalism, and this is what AA wants to create translated into footwear. Copenhagen is a big part of the brand, why they chose to let it be a part of their brandname.

Their ambition is to create beautiful, well constructed fashion shoes. The concept is easy to adopt to, a small range of models every season, each with a well thought design and look, united with the best European leather qualities, in colors that represents the season.

The production takes place in Portugal at small traditional factories that have been family driven for several generations. Their close relation with the factories, together with the pride that they have, makes it possible for them to design and build everything up from the very beginning. This means that the soles that they use are uniquely made for the brand. The lasts that they use have been developed especially for their collection and each leather hide that they use in production have been carefully checked and approved.

The innovative business structure with a unique focus on the end consumers, is build in a way that makes it possible to offer high quality shoes at well competitive and democratic prices.

AA constantly aims at people’s attention to the brand and hope that they will follow them as AA grows to fulfill the needs for everyone’s feet!

Peace and love .